It was an exciting literary week in South Carolina! USC’s fall literary festival brought several authors including ORCHID THIEF author Susan Orlean. (I’ll admit that I haven’t yet read THE ORCHID THIEF, but I decided, after listening to her talk, that I’m going to read Orlean’s SATURDAY NIGHT first. Her description of spending the night in a nuclear missile silo intrigued me. (It seemed almost as reckless as the princess-themed sleepover I’ve contemplated hosting for my three-year-old daughter. Or my before-I-die wish to spend the night in a shark cage in the Australian reef.) Then on Saturday, USC hosted the Palmetto Children’s Poetry Festival. I loved the talks, readings, interviews, and interpretive dance. The highlight was getting caught up with my former dissertation committee member and friend, Dianne (pen name Dinah) Johnson. I absolutely love her latest children’s book BLACK MAGIC. I have read it several times to my children. Stunning and poetic language.